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Company K & E has in stock inessantly a big quantity of feather materials which is ready to supply to clients.




In our offer we possess each type of feather materials, both goose and duck. All our materials are regularly checked by renowned and independent Laboratory Institutes from Switzerland, USA and Czech Republic, whereby our clients are always sure of feathers materials from K & E.

We supply our feathers materials to the biggest in the world consortiums which deal with mass production, as well as small and medium companies which produce their products at local market. One of K & E department is located at far east (Novosybirsk - Russia) in which work about 80 employees and produce there pillows, quilts and down jackets.

"Trust the German quality and honesty"
 Leonhard Eder
Managing Director

farmers & traders

K & E company thanks to his experience possess really wide contacts all over the world among breeders and feather traders, however the feather market is still develop and it require new sources of feather materials.

to stay up to date

KLEINE & EBELING company with pleasure introduce with our your offer of feather materials and

propose competitive prices.

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